Koizumi Zehetbauer

Hey there! My name is Koizumi, and I'm a 20 year-old music producer/graphic guy/game designer who lives in the wonderful (oh, I'm also a comedian by the way) city of London, UK.

I've been making music /professionally/ since (roughly) December 2009, using FL Studio and a variety of VSTi synths and sample packs. I'm constantly looking for ways to better myself and my method of production. At the moment, making music is more of a hobby and way to kill time, but in the future I hope to be able to do something big with it, like composing scores for video games & various other forms of media. I run the independant netlabel TsundereRecordings in which me and Liam Moore distribute our music for purchase using Bandcamp.

I also like to think of myself as one of those "game designer" types, as from a young age, I've always been interested in gaming, as well as the thought behind them, and the development process. My first /public/ venture into this area is with the 2010 release "DJManiax" which was co-developed with friend and co-creator of "TEAM MANIAX" Alan James. He was responsible for all of the inner workings of the game (ie. it's engine) and I was responsible for the graphical aspect of the game (ie. the interface) as well as providing a few in house tracks. The game did so well upon release, and a few months after, that we decided to pull out all the stops and develop a sequel. It's expected to make an appearance some time in 2012.

Upcoming at some point in the distant future, are two games I have planned; an untitled visual novel with character artwork done by Sami Briggs, and a sidescrolling action platformer with cyberpunk elements. Think of it like uhh... I dunno, PN-03 and Phantasy Star Online mixed with Ninja Gaiden NES, Shinobi, or Mega Man Zero. I can't really give too much information on that, but you can at least look forward to these things!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the content I have on offer!

If for some reason you wish to contact me for any reason, albeit to ask a question, or even commission me to do some audio/graphic work for or with you, you can do so through the following proxies:

Email: koizuddr@gmail.com < enquiries/commisions
Twitter: @sosayaze < short social things
Skype: randomherochasedark < further enquiries/commissions (state reason upon contact request)

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